rachis; a vessel, a prayer, an ephemerality; the body – wax cells converge on this moment, where will you diffuse them – a deep umber scar awaiting the return of flesh ? – a dam filled with yabbies ? – a druidic body in muddy lust ? – an alcove, carved into the belly of your chrysalis ? – at the place where I was birthed, beneath stalk and stem ? – and what is left when I am gone ? – a vaporous perfume yes, the memory of bees – but something else too, something that hides beneath the folds of breath, a forgotten sense – our cells yearn to remember – the insect muses call to us from a scathe of branches – a whistle-sound from superorganism, each body a lung – it crackles through your roots – dryads flicker past the entrance to their antechamber – was that an invocation ?