There is something so invasive about artificial lighting robbing us of starlight, of the subtle glimmering moon. Of extending the hours of productivity against our consent – the capitalist work day creeping in and laying claim… The way we’ve loaned our nighttime to netflix and facebook, and lost a sense of nightly ritual. The time in which our brains should be slowing down to a gentle hum. The time in which our spirits are most porous, and yearning for something to break up the machinations of modern life...


This feeling of my nighttime being flooded with artificial light and digital technology against my will, led me to candlecraft. In the isolation of early-covid, I began making and burning candles, a ritual that served as an alternative illumination to the screen. The candles were of my making, and the power we had over each other was mutual. At first I was only casting 1 candle per day from my Rachis mould – a slow and measured process so that I could learn its language. After a year of experimenting that language now feels close, and has given birth to Silkensap Studio. This process has given me a semblance of what it means to reclaim the ritual of night, and I continue down its path, chamber-candle held aloft. 

Reclaim the Ritual of Night